“The Returned” full discussion – RR004


Resurrection Revealed podcast episode #04. Wayne and Troy go into deep discussion of the Resurrection pilot “The Returned”, and share your listener feedback.

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Some of the highlights of this episode of Resurrection Revealed:

  • Why does the OX in the opening sequence have only 1 horn?
  • When Jacob looks up to the sky who is he looking to?
  • Are Jacob’s fainting spells and seizures dehydration or something else?
  • Are Arcadian’s really that untrusting of outsiders that you won’t let a man in?
  • Is Maggie really Sheriff Frank’s daughter?
  • Was foul play involved in Barbara’s death, was she pushed in?
  • We share your listener thoughts and theories.
  • We play a promo for the Inside the Studio of the Podcaster podcast.

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